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The number ofteachers rose from 5, in to 15, in to 25, 3′ Consejo Nacional de Educcion, Cincuentenario de la ley (), tomo II. 1- La ley relativa a las medidas contra actos discriminatorios en el ejercicio de 6- La Ley , Ley de Empleo Publico, prohibe al personal de Ia. Find Por encima de la ley showtimes for local movie theaters.

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Gladys Medina 2 Ausente en 22 de 28 votaciones Ely Object of regulation of this law Article II: Provides for a Commissioner for Public Employment who shall monitor public employment and conduct inquiries where warranted. Remuneration of persons holding political, discretionary and civil positions Chapter IV: Convenciones colectivas de trabajo] Adoption: Repeals the Law No.

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Introduces minor changes to point 3 of para 3 of article 6, para 1 of article 7 tablepara 5 of key 10, para 3. The Export Finance and Insurance Corporation is declared to be an “approved authority” under the Superannuation Act Provides for the institution of an Integrity Commissioner, and defines its powers and duties. The law, inter alia, provides details regarding salary determination and payments to civil servants. Inter alia, makes technical amendments to provisions of the Fire Service Act relating to the fire service superannuation scheme.

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Inter alia deals with appointment of Departmental temporary employees and with disciplinary process for officers. Jose Alperovich 12 Ausente 9 de 27 votaciones Partido: An Act to amend the law in relation to defence force retirement benefits, and for related purposes. Repeals the Whistleblowers Protection ActNo. Amends Industrial and Employee Relations General Regulations relating to the definition of “employers” of public employees.

Introduces wording changes into article 29 Periods calculated for work experience also supplementing it with new part 6.


Superannuation Industry Supervision Act No. Amends provisions of the Occupational Health and Safety Commonwealth Employment National Standards Regulations regarding exemptions from licenses to operate plant.

Observation (CEACR) – adopted 2003, published 92nd ILC session (2004)

Austria – Administration and financing – Regulation, Decree, Ordinance Ordinance of the Minister for Labour and Social Affairs to amend the Ordinance on the cost recovery of the main union of Austrian insurance providers for the data collection conducted in its participation in the management of the labour market and unemployment insurance.

Provisions regarding the Board of Directors, Chief Executive Officer and other administrative matters of the Corporation. Public Interest Disclosure ActNo. Inserts provisions relating to the superannuation contributions tax into, and makes some other amendments to, these acts.

Each of the four pension divisions is subdivided into eligibility, claims, rates, leey bereavement payments sections. Amends, leh alia, the Social Security Act in respect to mature age allowances. Procedimientos y sanciones aplicables. Part Three provides for the responsibilities, appointment and terms of the Commissioner, Deputy Commissioner and Assistanct Commissioners.

Amends provisions of the Superannuation Supervision Regulations regarding preserved benefits, restricted non-preserved benefits, and unrestricted non-preserved benefits.

General Provisions Chapter II: El capitulo II “Personal con estabilidad” consagra y regula los siguientes derechos: However, a statutory authority may not establish or take part in a superannuation scheme that does not satisfy the superannuation fund conditions under the Occupational Superannuation Leu Act Commonwealth. Amends point 3 of para 3 of article 29 Monetary Compensation of Penitentiary Servants which now reads as “the bulk salary of a servant in a given position is determined by multiplying the base position pay rate by the respective multiplier, which cannot be less than the minimum salary defined by the law”.

Fair Work Commonwealth Powers Act Austria – Administration and financing – Regulation, Decree, Ordinance Order of the Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs concerning the payment of contributions for health insurance.


Lley – Public and civil servants – Law, Act. Superannuation Salary Regulations Amendment S. Austria – Administration and financing – Regulation, Decree, Ordinance Ordinance of the Federal Government on the setting of the contribution amount to the pension scheme for the period from 1 May Remuneration of other public servants Chapter VII: Chapter 2 Part 4 as well as Schedule 4 deal with non-authorised public assemblies and with prostitution.

Military Rehabilitation and Compensation Act No. Austria – Administration and financing – Law, Act. Argentina – Public and civil servants – Regulation, Decree, Ordinance. key

Novelle zum Gewerblichen Sozialversicherungsgesetz Adoption: In addition, Schedule 3 is amended. Part 11 governs information to be let to the Commissioner and related matters.

Financial Market Integrity

Makes provisions for controlled operations and controlled activities, DNA procedures, blood and urine testing of persons suspected of committing sexual or other 52164 assault offences, dealing with things in the possession of police 251644, and several related matters.

Solution of disputes and the responsibility Chapter XI: Prison Service Positions and Ranks Chapter 4: Juan Mosqueda 1 Ausente en 25 de 28 votaciones Partido: Provides that finance bureaus shall conduct reviews of insurance numbers through a database at the Union of Social Security Contributers.

Rules in respect of application of the Superannuation Act to certain employees of the Commonwealth. Provides for protection of members of Reserves in their employment and education, and for facilitation of their return to civilian life. An Act to amend the law relating to family assistance, social security and student assistance, leu for related purposes.

Armenia – Administration and financing – Law, Act.