Some writers are prolific. A better adjective for John Scalzi might be “possessed.” You’d think he’d have his hands full churning out novels at a machine-gun. The third book in John Scalzi’s exciting sci-fi series which started with Old Man’s War. This essay, on The Last Colony, is the third installment in an on-going retrospective of John Scalzi’s Old Man’s War series. Previous.

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Thoughts on The Last Colony

And this isn’t necessarily badlastt a book on your hands that’s likely to delight most who are fully committed to the genre, there isn’t anything bad with that at all; but CCLaP isn’t a science-fiction literary blog, it’s just a literary blog, and part of my mission here is to always examine the appeal of any given author among a large general population versus a smaller genre one.

It is very cold, and wet scaliz here. Some writers are prolific.

Assumptions can kill especially in system dynamics. There was something distinctly Poul Andersonish about his characterization of the Conclave’s General Gau, for one. Thanks so much, John, for the glimpse inside your writing process. So is it good?

The Last Colony | Old Man’s War Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Whatever the rhetoric, coloby the end it all comes down to power in the hands of a very few people. The whole book is written on idiotic assumptions view spoiler [ e. Which is why I won’t read more of this series, especially as Lxst don’t care about this identical storyline from Zoe’s perspective.

If you ever visit the Scalzi Compound and hear a muffled yelling, as if from a desperate voice somewhere underground, do try to ignore it. Jun 02, C. Anne, I know exactly what you mean.


I promise it is worth your time. One I could handle, but two is overdoing it, man. I sclzi that’s inevitable since he’s the first-person narrator, but I rather resented it!

The Last Colony

This jobn disappointing since I usually can count on Scalzi for keeping me glued to the screen of my Kindle. Plenty of good kill-all-da-alienz stuff, but also a lot of good making-your-way-in-the-world-today-takes-everything-you-got stuff too. So you started out writing a K-word doorstop, and abandoned it in favor of brevity.

The humor came back in force and played a huge factor in my overall enjoyment. Baffled, the leader tells him to make his peace, and orders the fleet to open fire. This time John Perry and Jane Sagan have retired to an ostensibly uneventful life on the colony Huckleberry as an ombudsman and head of security.

The Last Colony shows what life is like as a colonist and it’s dangerous and boring. I’d like to think people would be smarter than this, but the colonists are probably similar to the majority of individuals in the world. Lock In Unlocked: Disease, exile of religious dissidents, slaughter of locals, and shameless land grabs are the least of it.

In many ways, his novels hearken back to the days of Asimov, Clarke and Bradbury. L’ultima colonia di John Scalzi. Maybe just more stories in the same universe? It even ends on a triumphant note, making sure all of the brutality and cruelty we’ve witnessed so far is repudiated in the most badass yet pacifistic way possible. When you write for fun, it’s fun.

They are not blackmailed. Jane is there, and Zoe, too, and it feels a bit awkward.

The Last Colony by John Scalzi

Thank you for writing. I was hesitant about John Scalzi’s take on the subject with the story of Old Man War protagonist John Perry taking up the role of a colony head in a book series primarily about the evils of colonization. John, hope you enjoy well deserved rest!


She begins to question why they keep putting out fires but do not address the root causes. And then the second novel in the series, The Ghost Brigadesis a standalone story concerning the “secret police” that exists within this colonial military; their brains are essentially newborn babies, put into the bodies of fully adult soldiers who have died, given a bizarre and truncated childhood and education laast generally kept isolated from the entire rest of humanity.

They end ecalzi partnering with diplomats from the Earth and the Union to pull off an intricate trap for the shadowy Equilibrium forces, outfoxing both their secret supporters in Conclave legislature and others who just want all humans wiped out. And as a consequence, the book became better. The mysterious disappearance of the American colony is so far in the past no one realizes this is a joke on our hapless scalsi.

But I will tell you this about it: Consider the possibility of stealth marketing johnn, later, as a rare cult classic.

John Perry and Jane Sagan, the former Ghost Brigade clone of Perry’s dead wife, are offered positions as leaders for the new colony of Roanoke, which will comprise human settlers from the first ten established human colonies. The weaving of multiple threads and complex strategies lift the novel a bit above the pulp level.


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