Egg Production traits of Khaki Campbell, Alabio, Bali and Tegal ducks were measured to 68 weeks of age under intensive management. Khaki Campbell ducks. Apa beda itik dengan bebek? Menurut saya, tidak Ducks and Duck Houses ♥ ~ ♥ Khaki Campbell Ducks- best egg layers. up to eggs a year! That is more . On the other hand, Campbell ducks of good strains often average or more For egg-laying needs, a Khaki Campbell duck is an excellent choice (there is.

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Rice-duck farming system is ituk sustainable system as it helps in eliminating the contamination of soil, water and air brought by chemical substances which are harmful to both nature and human.

Khaki Campbell ducks seldom hatch out others’ young; however, in very communal situations do hatch large broods together. The form can also be used for Comments, Suggestions, and Corrections. Livestock breeds of the British Isles. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The daily feed intake at laying period is grams. Despite popular misconceptions of skittish or flightly behavior Campbells are a very gentle, passive and friendly breed when raised by hand until maturity.

Khaki Campbell

The ducks, when raised by hand, are not usually defensive of their eggs or nests, making collection of eggs very easy. Animal Behaviourvol. In addition, duck raising help offset the effects of climate change, particularly in the production of methane, a greenhouse gas. This breed of duck is listed as watch by the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy.


Duck raising has ifik practiced in the Philippines for so long that no one knows when it exactly started. Updated October 24, Oftentimes, these eggs are made into balut, a cooked day incubated egg regarded by most Filipinos as delicacy.

The “Campbell” breed was introduced to the public in The Khaki Campbell Duck was formed and inMrs. It provides employment and income-generating opportunities for Filipinos, particularly those khako the rural and marginal areas. Ducks can help contain the release of methane into the atmosphere — aside from reducing labor costs and the use of expensive chemicals.

Itik Pinas Itim starts to lay eggs at 23 weeks old.

Promising prospects in agriculture: Duck raising

khakl They also have green bills. The Khaki Campbell drake is mostly khaki colored with a darker head usually olive green lacking the white ring of its Mallard ancestors.

Itik Pinas Kayumanggi lays ca,pbell for the first time at 20 weeks old. Mechanical incubators or broody chickens are used to hatch out Khaki Campbell ducklings when ducks are not present in the process.


They are a good breed for young families and children to raise.

Khaki Campbell – Wikipedia

The American Livestock Breeds Conservancy. According to the Department of Agriculture DAthe integrated rice-duck farming system is one of the best strategies in increasing rice productivity as it reduces labor and inputs characterized by its devoid use of artificial fertilizers and chemicals. The breed is a good layer but is a non-sitter. They are a cross between MallardRouen and Runner ducks.

The Ducks are predominately a khaki color whereas the drakes have greenish-bronze plumage around the head and brown-bronze plumage around the tail, back and neck areas. Their paddling movement cultivates the soil and destroys the weeds. Views Read Edit View history.

The campbelo Duck” being introduced in [2] and the ‘Khaki’ variety introduced to the public in Though not usually raised for meat, Khakis make high quality, lean roasters of pounds; they average pounds as adults.

Campbell of British army uniformshence naming this new color-form “Khaki Campbell Duck”.

Campbells can come in three color varieties: The early Chinese traders reportedly introduced it.