Thread: Ibarat-e-Akabir ka Tanqeedi Jaiza عبارات اکابر کا تحقیقی جائزہ ibārāt e akābir kā taĥqīqī wa tanqīdī jāeyzah – vol 1 by MNoori. Qur’an · Qur’an Commentary · Sciences of the Qur’an · Hadith · Hadith Commentary · Principles of Hadith · Rulings on Hadith · Aqidah. Ibaraat e Akabir By Shaykh Muhammad Sarfraz Khan Safdar (r.a). Posted on December 16, by islamicbookslibrary. Read Online. Version 1. Download.

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Ya Allah tera shukr, tera shukr kay tooh nay mujjay in mardood say nikal kar apnay habib kay ashiqeen ki saf meh la khara keeya, ya Allah meh nay ibrat hasil kee is mardood ki maut say, ya Allah is kee maut ko auroon kay leyeh bi nishan e ibrat bana ameen.

But i remain keep shut my mouth while talking them in “barelvi and wahabies” topics Unlimited pageviews both app and developer details Recent install count per app last 30 days Detailed ranking data per app Recent install count per developer last 30 days Full timeline per developer Device market shares data per country 1 Month. Look for opportunities to win in our bonus games.

Those moulana label “deobandis” and “tableeghi jam’aat” people as “kaafir” Amid such situation it is natural to have conflicts between different ideologies. You should often recite the Holy Quran and keep remembering your death.


Sarfaraz Khan Safdar Books Refutation. I am a 20 years old ibarta, and i am Hindu from birth my mother and father both are Hindu.

Ibarat e Akabir

I dont speak wid them in these topic b’coz i want to answer them not with my mouth but with my amal I had seen here the islamic propogation office of riyadh use video graphie to make recording vhs in their programmmes. Allah ta’ala ham sunniyoon ko apni hifazat meh rakhay. Aur misbahe sunnat ka b link share karain. I will wait for your reply. According to Hadith, both the things are sources to purify ones heart. Your accounts read Google service configuration.

Started by ExposingNifaqJune 5, For more information visit http: But I want to change my religion.

Ibarat e Akabir for Android – APK Download

Dil ka Suroor k jawab mein agr koi book hamare sunni ullama ki likhi gai ho to baraye meherbani uska link faraham karden mujhe.

Atmaam ul Burhaan Reply: Please suggest me How can I change my religion. Subscriptions can be cancelled ibarxt any time before the renewal.

You should strive to bring them to the right path with wisdom and insight in the light of these books. I want to become a muslim. Thori search ki toh Rah e Hidayat jis kay jawab meh likhi gahi woh mujjay mil gahi heh. I use to go on jam’aat If there is a pious follower of Sunnah Shaikh in nearby places, you should do bai’ah with him and follow his instructions. Probably I was fortunate to meet a pious man who reminded me of our real aim in life and helped me to motivate myself to lead an Islamic way of life.



You should also go in tablighi jamat for one for forty days or four months. If that is the case, why many Muslims Scholars and preachers publicly say that other religions are “wrong” and Islam is the only correct and true religion?

ibarxt A few other notes: Network communication view network connections, view Wi-Fi connections, pair with Bluetooth devices, full network access, receive data from Internet. In this regard I request you to help me in searching out the pure Islam Your advice is very crucial to me because it is about the most important decision of my life and on it may rest the Judgment on the day of Judgment.

Minor updates and akabiir fixes.

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