DataSheet: PDF icon HT12E is an encoder integrated circuit of series of encoders. They are paired with series of decoders for use in. Of this series, the HT12D is arranged to provide 8 address bits and 4 data bits, and HT12F is used to decode 12 bits of address information.. 盛群半導體為國內. HT12D. 8. 4. L. Ö. RC oscillator DIN active ²Hi² 18 DIP/20 SOP .. The recommended oscillator frequency is fOSCD (decoder) @ 50 fOSCE (HT12E encoder). @ The information appearing in this Data Sheet is believed to be.

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HT12D/HT12F – Product Details – Holtek

Arduino based GPS receiver. Pull the Transmission Enable pin pin 14 to ground to activate transmission. Whenever an active low signal is applied at its TE pin then only the datasgeet data gets transferred serially at the output, otherwise the IC is in high impedance state.

TL — Programmable Reference Voltage.

This pin outputs the parallel data serially. So if you are working on a project which has to transmit a 4-bit data from one end to other either by wire or wireless then this IC pair will be best suited for you. Virgin Galactic — Commercial Space Flight.


Be the first to write a review. Supply voltage; 5V 2. After one complete cycle of data transfer the pin TE goes in high impedance state, thus indicating 1 cycle of data transfer. Simply put, HT12E converts the parallel inputs into serial output.

Customers who bought this product also purchased We should set the bits in same pattern on Encoder and Decoder IC to pair them. Full Name Email Address. This ICs are paired with each other. It encodes the 12 bit parallel data into serial for transmission through an RF transmitter. It is mainly used ht12c interfacing RF and infrared circuits.

HT12E Encoder IC Pin Diagram, Uses, Equivalents & Datasheet

The encoded bit can be obtained from the Dout pin pin This oscillator can be used by connecting these two pins through a 1M Resistor. The Encoded 12 bit output data can be obtained from this pin.

This IC has a total of 18 pinsnine on either sides: This pin has to be connected to Ground 0V to enable the Transmission. Now first of all let me acquaint you about these two integrated circuits: Skip to content Gone are the days when we used to use wires to connect two devices to establish a communication path. We will lauch an immediate investigation and try our best to beat the price, if it proves to be the same product.


Return and Refund Policy. The 4-bit data that has to be sent has to be given to the pins AD0 to AD1 and an address of 8-bit has to be set using the pins A0 to A7. TB Stepper Motor Driver 4.

Choosing Battery dztasheet Robots. So out of the bits 8-bits will be used to set address and the remaining 4-bit will be used to transmit data.

HT12E Encoder IC

Submitted by admin on abd October Used for interfacing RF circuits generally MegaHz. These 12 bits are divided into 8 address bits and 4 data bits.

HT12E is an encoder integrated circuit of 2 12 series of encoders. An LED can also be connected across this terminal to indicate output. You can know to set up the HT12D after this from here. Basically found in applications of remote control systems.