Hp B Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Hp B Calibration Manual. Agilent technologies HP B Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Agilent technologies HP B Operating Manual. Refurbished Agilent / Hewlett Packard B Synthesizer/Function Generator with Frequency Accuracy – at Test Equipment Depot – PreOwned Refurbished.

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Two numbers are displayed for a moment. The output is current-protected by a 0. Front Panel Special Functions. Preset Counters A check of this current is made as follows: If not, check A21U12 and A21U If pulses appear at the input pins and clock inputs and the level at the clear inputs pin 1 is high, replace the defective latch IC. If the signal is good, the problem is probably not in the API 1 sub-block.

Power Line Voltage Selection. All test equipment required for adjustments is itemized in Table For high frequency problems, construct the probe shown in Figure 8-K-l. If pin 1 of A21U33 is positive and the signal at TP9 is mostly negative, the trouble is probably in the -r N. It is recommended that all adjustments be performed in the order given.

Set the HP B to preset conditions and check the following dc voltages. Digital-to- Analog Converter Reference Circuits Service Group G. With Sine function off: A foldout functional block diagram follows Service Group O.

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If the signal is good, proceed to step s. Phase Accumulation Press the Local key to exit this special test. Mixer Diagram Digital voltmeter reading should be less than 3325v mV.


Typical Values for Amplitude Gain Corrections A26 Assembly SA1 Signatures.

HP 3325B Manuals

Measure the frequency bp each of the following points in order, and determine the relationship to the VCO frequency at W3 step d. Make sure all cables and connectors are firmly seated and that the ribbon cables from A26 to A21, A3, and A14 are properly aligned in their connectors.

NOTE In nomtal operation, the gain preamplifier provides high gain, low distortion, and low noise. The following waveforms may be observed at the points indicated.

Amplitude Flatness Adjustment 10Vp-p Pad. If the dc voltage measured in the MHz range is out of tolerance, increase or decrease the value of A14C as necessary, using the values shown in Table Let us assume that this is true, and that the -h N number is This frequency tests the API 5 circuitry. If not correct, check A21U32 and A21U27 for signal transitions at the input and output pins. Set frequency to 30 MHz.

Full text of “HP: B”

Indicates dangerous voltage terminals fed from the interior by voltage exceeding volts must be so marked. If the sine and square functions are correct, but the triangle and ramp functions are not operating properly, use the following procedure. The phase detector then uses the phase difference between its two inputs to change the VCO frequency to 50 MHz.

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The same level present at the input and its corresponding output indicates a problem with UlOO. If the oscilloscope is an HP A, set the input switch to the ohm position. Set the frequency to 5 OOOHz. After blinking manuual LEDs, testing continues with the next test. Check the A15 assembly. The fan filter must be inspected frequently and cleaned or replaced as necessary to permit the free flow of air through the instrument.

See List of Abbreviations in Table Pn 1 should appear when pin 1 is connected to pin Front panel display continuously lists any HP-IB signals that are low. Then the negative-going pulse from the preload one-shot changes the prescaler to 3 for one cycle. Output Amplifier Service Group K If the signal is good, proceed to step u.

Marker Output A Marker output pulse occurs only during linear sweep up, either single or continuous sweep. Connect a dc digital voltmeter between the V test point on the Power Supply assembly, A22, and ground.

This is the flatness reference voltage. Hl, A25, and Display, A Abnormal display characters partial characters or all segments stay onno response to front panel entries. Adjustment procedures The spectrum analyzer should display the high level odd harmonics and low level even harmonics nanual the 10 MHz square wave.