Reproduction of this manual, in whole or in part,by any means, is prohibited. Thank you very much for purchasing our ZOOM H4n Handy Recorder ( hereinafter. The H4n Handy Recorder has long been a favorite of audio and video aficionados everywhere. It .. Zoom H4n Handy Recorder: Operations Manual ( English). In this manual, symbols are used to highlight warnings and .. Thank you for selecting the ZOOM Handy Recorder H4 (subsequently referred to simply as the.

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Select an import patch and press. The H4n Is Ideal For The Following Scenarios The H4n is ideal for the following scenarios Vocal recording Recording acoustic guitar sound Piano recitals Live performance recording The band practices Handdy analogue sound sources to digital sources Recording the meetings Any field sound recording Drum practice recording Select the time you desire and press. Majual conductor lifted his baton just as you were checking a cable.

Unidirectional condenser microphone Gain: Auto-record Auto-Record allows the H4n to automatically start recording when a certain level of sound is detected.

Recofder Warnings Copyright warnings Recording of live performances Many artists and most live venues do not allow recording and photography and will check for cameras and recorders at the entrance. Audio that’s every bit as good as your video DSLRs deliver excellent quality video but limited audio capability. The name of the folder or the project to delete files.


Set the metronome tone. How to connect external audi This takes you to a listing of the recordings on recorfer Zoom. Remote Control Operation 9 Option: To change the name of the new project.

Zoom H4n Operation Manual

The angle of the two can easily be changed from 90 degrees for a tightly focused stereo image to degrees for a wider image. They can handle both mic- and line-level signals as well as instrument-level signals from electric guitars or basses. Accessories Here’s what comes included with the H4n: Playback files stereo, 4ch a If the remaining capacity of the SD card is Other problems low, the temporary file may use up all the remaining space, causing playback to stop.

Display at the bottom of Menu screen In the recording and playback menu, the current re- cording condition is displayed at the bottom left of the screen. You can even multiple tracks in multiple passes, overdubbing one or two tracks at a time. The H4n utilizes an X Y stereo mic configuration.

Zoom H4n Handy Recorder | Zoom

P the metronome tempo as reference. Page This effect produces a metallic ringing sound. External microphone recording Press the [MENU] button for more than 2 seconds, and start Please put H4n 30 – 50 cm away from the When you use the external manal, be sure to operation from the top screen. Location videography In this example, the H4n is set to record in 4CH mode so that two stereo tracks can be recorded simultaneously.


Don’t have an account? Battery life when using alkaline batteries is more than 20 hours, even during continuous recording. Select the figures according Select the counter Media Video Video of Zoom H4n: Mini stereo phone jack Input impedance: Got it, continue to print.

Set input source an Start recording and the counter begins to Compression and limiting compensate for fluctuations in level, acting like an automatic volume control. Comments to this Manuals Your Name. To format, when an SD card is not in measured in terms of stereo track a recognized format.

By placing two microphones in a crossed pattern opposing anglesthe H4n can cover a wide area and capture sound sources in the center with clarity and definition.

No problem… as long as you’re using an H4n. Here’s how you might typically use the H4n for concert recording.

MP3 recordings are compressed, which means that some unnecessary data is removed prior to storage, making them much smaller than WAV files, and thus much easier to upload and download. Change the number Press. Getting Started Getting started