There were reports in that showed that ‘galamsey’ operations in the East Akyem District were polluting the Birim, Densu and Ayensu rivers which served as. Recently, there have been efforts by stakeholders to monitor illegal mining ( galamsey) activities, foster their formalization and reclaim the many abandoned. Ghana, one of the world’s biggest producers of cocoa beans, is facing a leased to galamsey miners in an effort to regulate their operations.

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In terms of their activity statuses, abandoned operations entailing individual operationsactive entailing individuals operations and 48 semi-active comprising individuals within clusters galamsey operations were sighted at the time of the study.

Some portions of the Bibiani deeps, which are currently inactive, have been ceded to galamsey operators for operafions thereby keeping most youth in the locality busy and employed.

Galamsey – Wikipedia

On-sight signages and labels where availableuse of existing ASM maps blocked out areas for small scale miners by Minerals Commissionpersonal experiences with the galamsey business, field engagements and interviews i possible and the involvement of community personnel or locals women, students and surveyors in the data collection were also very helpful in locating and identifying galamsey operations where possible and available. The government and civil society must put their hands to the wheel to fight it otherwise legitimate private sector operators may be deterred galamsy investing in the sector which is one of the chief foreign exchange earners in the economy.

A Guide to District Assemblies in Ghana. Ghana Poverty Mapping Report. Ambition is priceless right?

This study attempts to map and analyze the distribution patterns, abundance, activity statuses and the extents of nine 9 galamsey types within eleven 11 Municipal and District Assemblies MDAs of Ghana’s Western Region. Acquah — Hayford N. According to the Cambridge English Dictionary, a river is a wide flow of fresh water across the land into the sea, a lake i another river.

Operayions district is an attractive destination for galamsey operators, as it hosts all the nine galamsey operational types considered in this study Fig. In spite of the negative effects of illegal mining on rivers and other water bodies, many communities in the rural areas, due to lack of alternative sources of water, tend to use the same polluted rivers without any fear.


Based i the conclusions, the study makes the following recommendations. Overall, a total of individual galamsey operations were encountered in different communities towns and villages. O Box 26, Tarkwa, Ghana. But sometimes ambition has a price, and in this case the environment pays the price of other peoples ambition.

For instance, the combined total annual gold productions of all four LSMs are still way below that recorded by the Tarkwa Gold Mine alone. The other two galamsey hotspot districts found were Amefi East sightings and Prestea Huni-Valley sightings. Generally, many social commentators and environmentalist have advocated for a stricter regime to flush out the activities of illegal miners.

Username Password Remember Me Log in. Overall, a total of individual galamsey operations were identified. The data collection for the study involved two distinct phases namely the planning and preparatory phase and field data collection phase.

The field data collection phase included field identification of galamsey operations, their GPS location, and site activity.

Open source data collection in the developing world. General News September 14, https: Generally the galamseyers can dig only to a limited depth, far shallower and smaller than commercial mining companies. Owusu-Nimob J.

While galamsey is generally acknowledged to be galamseg in Ghana, the results suggest a scale that probably surpasses any previous estimate or expectation. Tarkwa Nsuaem Municipal Assembly The district is an attractive destination for galamsey operators, as it hosts all the nine galamsey operational types considered in this study Fig.

Washing board is also very popular within galamsye three Amenfi Districts East, Central and West considered due to the very rural setting they present, operationa alluvial deposits and drainage networks, poor law enforcement. Trends in the small-scale mining of precious minerals in Ghana: Another effect of galamsey is that it causes domestic brain drain. Siaw is among hundreds of people who come from different parts of the country to earn a living through illegal mining.

Causes and effects of galamsey in Ghana

The three main geological soil formations in the district are the Upper Birimian, Lower Birimian and Granites. Among the very vibrant galamsey communities encountered are: Location GPS and site activity data collection How permission is gained and who to contact at a galamsey site was very key to the success of the investigations and had to be done is a cunning manner to avoid failures.

Galamsey sites in Ghana are located near rivers and some near what used to one be a blossoming forest areas full of trees that attracted rain and slowed down global warming.


Research themes State — Fragility Commission. And purposely, we have observed that it is the Chinese who have brought the machines are in the Ankobra and Pra rivers excavating and processing the alluvial gold in the rivers. It generally requires a small parcel of gold-laden land and a relatively low start-up cost.

With the exception of the Nzema East, Mpohor and Ellembelle, operayions eight remaining MDAs considered in the research were found to be hosting alluvial washing board galamsey.

Future events Past events.

The Amenfi East 67 sightings with individuals within clustersTarkwa Nsuaem 49 sightings, with individuals within clusters and Amenfi Central 27 sightings with individuals within clusters districts respectively recorded the galamssey number of abandoned operations as seen in Table 5 and Fig.

The mill-houses gana sightings and individuals within clusters were found to be fairly distributed across the selected districts, except Ellembelle and Nzema East where none was encountered. Whereas farming, especially cocoa farming, is seen to be very important than mining in the Sewfi areas, marine fishing is very dear to the people of Nzema East and Ellembelle [ 4854 ]; hence the very low patronage of galamsey operation.

The data collection framework The data collection ghhana the study involved two distinct phases namely the planning and preparatory phase and field data collection phase. Education and public awareness on galamsey ln also be intensified and enforcement of existing legal systems ensured.

We are also grateful to the Ghana Chamber of Mines and the Ministry of Environment, Science, Technology and Innovation of Ghana for their audience and fruitful suggestions. A summary and brief characteristics of the various operational forms identified are summarized in Table 1. Share with your friends! It is the undisputed mining hub of West Africa, and is dominated by two main gold mining sectors: Sweltering Heat, golden Dreams: Although associated with LSMs Noble Gold Bibiani Limited, Kinross Chirano Gold Mines Limited, Ghana Bauxite and Adamus Resource in one way or the other, the high level of security and difficulty in guana lands for galamsey appears to have waned the interest in the operatioons business.

Small-scale mining and its impacts on the natural environment: