Although, that some of their learning resources center is under renovation, you can still say that it was arranged properly. The school library. Technology in the Learning Environment A Portfolio Presented To: Teacher Education Department Northern Negros State College of Science. Republic of the Philippines St. Michaels College College of Education Quezon Avenue,Iligan City Portfolio in FS – 3 Technology in the Learning Environment.

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Describe four 4 observed talents and skills of the learners as demonstrated in the class. The different talents and skills of the learners as demonstrated in texhnology class are the following: But I also do understand the concern of the teachers parti – cularly their computer subject teacher if they will not allow or let their students to have an easy access to their materials.

What difficulties, if any, did you encounter in making Hand-outs? Was the language used clear and simple for the target audience to understand? In my own understanding, the teacher wanted to let nevironment students to be attentive and participative in their lesson, and also let her students utilize their analytical skills.

FS3 Technology in the Learning Environment episode 1

Board is made up of wood, no cover and there are postings in bond paper mostly coming from Lfarning or has a seal of DepEd on it. GOAL The College of Education shall be center of training and development for effective and God-fearing educators committed in pursuing academic excellence thus producing graduates who are competitively envidonment.

I think, more on the minimalistic view and creativity. It must have current resources for it is an avenue for learning.

Do you notice some errors like misspelled words, grammar inconsistencies, etc.?

If you and other aspects want your students as well learnng parents, you should post more on students activities. Most of the contents are missing and disarranged. Fill in your details below or click an icon envifonment log in: Read an article about your answer in number 3. At the end of the discussion, if we still have time, I am going to have some some sort of evaluation or a short quiz about the topic or it could be that I am going to give them assignments about plural forms of a given noun or they can list down the plural forms of their chosen nouns as many as they can.


Write down a brief reflection of your experience. Learning resource center was a facility within a school which was operated by a specialist and containing several information sources. Do their actions show attentiveness, eagerness and understanding? See what learning resources are present. She could have environmenh some colored pictures about her topic, that would get her learners attention and for sure students will be interested in the classroom discussion.

I do have a bit of creativity, organizational and communication skills. The only thing that took time and needed brain storming is the conceptualization of the flow of the handout and the concept map that I included.


Develop Christ centered learners who will integrate the core values of faith, excellence and service in the educational practices; 6. There were models and specimens that were being preserved, thus the learners can have a close-t- reality experience. Too much art can damage the legibility of the board display.

Few entries are of acceptable quality, not well selected and very minimal substantial. Grow in prayer and reflection, practice discernment and attain interior freedom.

When appropriate, the classroom setting tbe be expanded to include experience in the field. This is an activity for the whole day period, inside the school premise.


What difficulties, if any, did the teacher experience? It assists the teacher in delivering her lesson, so it is appropriate to use this material for a large number of students inside the classroom and it is necessary for the teacher to use it because most of the students were visual students. Recommendations or suggestions for improvement: Naveed shaikh February 6, at 3: I may asked donation from the school to have some sort of glass cover on the bulletin board which I think is very important, to preserve and protect its content.

And also, to your father, Miguel Barrato, who always gives me advice and for the free meal. Indicators of effective teaching and learning shall be carefully observed. I believe in the bliss of living- in the past and the richness of its lessons, in the present and marvelous opportunities, in the future and its benevolent promises. For what grade or year level is my hand-out for?

technollogy There must be subtitles that make it easier to read and the key words must be in bold type in order to have an emphasis. Components include cover page with name, title of unit, date taught table of contents, reference, list of appendices.

Do the guidelines and procedures facilitate easy access to the materials by the teachers? An example of a double displacement reaction occurs between sodium chloride and silver nitrate to form sodium nitrate and silver chloride. In Making a PowerPoint presentation regarding this topic is a good teaching-aid for students to Learn since you can add many important information about the subject matter.