Introduce the student to the initial concepts and use of IDL and ENVI to: • import, analyze, and output image data. • learn to interface between ENVI input/outputs. This tutorial is designed to introduce you to the basic concepts of the ENVI software and some of its For ENVI +IDL, type envi at the UNIX command prompt. These programs (scripts) are based on the IDL programming language and are run in the IDL environment, either by loading the ENVI+IDL program or simply.

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A Spectral Library Input File dialog appears.

Sign up using Facebook. Then your only issue will be deciding which bands in the array to display, to combine. Define user plot functions tutorjal adding a new line to the useradd.

A read of Michael Tutoria, above note with the link to a class exercise at UIdaho should help you with syntax of the code. By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. Email Required, but never shown.


If you don’t have ENVI then it is a bit harder. For this tutorial, you will copy a previously edited version of u s e r a d d.

V Stuart Foote 5 We’ll need more info to provide a better answer. ENVI calculates the first derivative spectra of all plots and displays the results in the Spectral Library Plots window.

IDL icl to support reading tif files. Keyword variable that must be present to receive extra variables that ENVI may need to pass into the plot function.

ENVI Tutorial

This file contains the following code. The Spectral Library Viewer dialog appears.

All user plot functions must have the following function definition statement: When you call a user plot function, normal plot data all the spectra in the plot window are passed to the user plot function. Vector of ones and zeros with as many elements as x-axis data points.

Not sure it this will help. Vector whose values identify the band positions of the bad bands in the Z Profile data. ENVI calculates the second derivative spectra of all plots and displays the results in the Spectral Library Plots window. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. The user plot function is applied to every spectrum placed in that window until a different plot function is selected.


Type of plot function updates. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Using the fourth field above as an example, the format is as follows: A value of 1 indicates that the corresponding y-axis value is good, and a value of 0 means it is bad i.

This applies only to Z Profile windows and will be undefined for all other plot windows. Post as a guest Name. Tag that indicates the following definition is a plot function since u s e r a d d. Yudine, should there be an attachement or some details?

IDL Programming

Yudine 27 1 3. Of course for any geospatial work outside IDL you would need to know the nominal pixel size and coordinates of at least 3 control iddl for image registration. Note that 1st Derivative will be placed immediately after the Binary Encoding menu option. When you understand how these functions work, close the files. The Open File dialog appears. Sign up using Email and Password.