Blackmoor is a fantasy role-playing game campaign setting generally associated with the game The origins of the Blackmoor setting lie in the Castle & Crusade Society, a subgroup of the International Federation of After the publication of Dungeons & Dragons, the Blackmoor campaign continued, but as a number of key. The Dungeons of Castle Blackmoor details the 20 known levels of the dungeon including the first 10 levels as originally created by Dave. One of the major play events of season one involved the adaptation of the commercially published The Dungeons of Castle Blackmoor to the organized play.

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Reflecting and projecting 11 months ago. Otherworld Fantasy Skirmish 3 years ago.

cxstle But if you try to run a game with these maps, you will soon come to notice stairs that seem to exit above ground without any key or clue as to where. The actual cardinal directions aren’t really the issue anyway, because what really matters is the orientation and facing of the castle toward the town. Please select a support frequency.

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Blackmoor (campaign setting)

That way I could get the scale blackmlor the castle building exact and adjust the walls to fit. It certainly doesn’t hold a candle to the material being published in Maure Castle in Dungeon. It included baronies, citadels, history of leaders and details on the Blackmoor dungeon. Tags separate by space: Notice in this image that the throne room is in the smaller right side wing of the castle, while the tower base on the left is occupied by various rooms.

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Dragonlance Forgotten Realms Greyhawk Ravenloft. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The second, updated map appears in the FFC, and shows the town east of the castle. Shattered Lands Dark Sun: It is released, sort of. Each of the twenty levels corresponds to level of the characters.

Dungeons of Castle Blackmoor, anyone?

Using this map allowed me to exactly scale the castle building ‘ to the castle basement. And Blacomoor selling it at an auction this weekend.

This is the kind of thing that concerned me when ZG departed from Goodman Games. DA2 Temple of the Frog expanded the scenario that had appeared in the original Blackmoor supplement. This book consists of 92 numbered pages plus the cover, inside cover, back cover and Table of Contents for a total of 96 total pages. More Information Edit History.

Reset Fields Log in. Here then is the castle floorplan from the Blacmoor note that this particular version comes from the Arneson estate with his handwritten notes on it.

If you have the print of Blackmoor Dungeon, or even the Zeitgeist games version, it’s easy to think that the maps you have are good to go. Goodbye and Good Luck 7 months ago. The only labels the stairs have are “up” or “down” and these don’t always seem to be correct.


I thought it was supposed to be out by now. For instance, the “timeline” in the beginning of the book, indictating the different ages through which the Dungeons were constructed convey some fascinating imagery, yet frustratingly few details are provided.

Thursday, 7th December, There would have been no need to detail the insides of the king’s abode in those early days. Designed to scale with varying party sizes and power levels, this incredible dungeon includes adventure material for characters level I blacimoor work from the original material than deal with this.

Dark Alliance Baldur’s Gate: As it turns out, I should have known to extend the castle walls further out anyway. For reasons I have never been able to figure out, the two maps of Blackmoor town are oriented completely differently. And for the deeper levelsyou can tell that this was tacked-on blackmooe fill out the djngeons of the dungeon.

Posted By Abstruse Thursday, 27th December, And so it sat for years.