I found a module for sale, PCTC – DSC Escort Voice Module, The module includes a built in interface to control up to 32 X10 units and four. Escort Pctc – Dsc Escort Voice Module, manual related issues. Get free help, solutions & advice from top Escort experts. LCDz – DSC Full message LCD keypad for power series control panel . PCTC ESCORT MODULE WITH BUILT IN THERMOSTAT INTERFACE.

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You can mix and match wireless and hardwired zones to meet your needs. Each station can be used to initiate or receive pages, answer incoming calls, answer the doorbell, monitor rooms or sound an alarm follower. Then, the main house can be armed and disarmed without affecting the armed status of the other areas.

For larger houses, zone expanders can be added to increase the number of protected zones. The Escort TC allows any touch-tone telephone to act as a keypad for your security system. The central monitoring station can activate all intercoms to conduct two-way conversation or to listen in on any room. I’m not intrested in the sockit type relays, as the lights to be turned on are ceiling fan lights or t8s, even candlebras.

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I only endorse products and services that I truly believe to be an honest value for you, as a visitor to my site. Sends X command if particular PGM is activated. The telephone could be any telephone that is on the same line as your security system, or an outside telephone which may be used to call the security system.

For example, suppose you have a garage, guesthouse, and workshop in addition to the main house. Up to 32 individual user codes can be programmed into the DSC security system. Each station can be used to initiate or receive pages, answer incoming calls, answer the doorbell, monitor rooms or pc580tc an alarm follower.


Learn about me, how I built this esc, and how you can build one of your own! This new version of the Escort, designated “TC” for Thermostat Control, now also allows you to monitor and control the temperature of your premises with the help of an EMS thermostat.

October 10, Get all the latest information on Events, Sales and Offers. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. Wireless Receiver pc – PC works only with power c. Module contains pc5580t library of voice prompts ie this unit talks back to you. Here, you can find the information what you need, then how to connect it and what you can achieve using DSC and X Disclosure This site receives affiliate commissions from some of the companies I discuss.

Not sure what you need? Did you miss your activation email? Up to 3 PC zone expansion modules can be added to the DSC for a total of 32 hardwired zones. This post below indicates the DSC system requires a X10 interface to actually couple the X10 generated control signals from the DSC system to the homes powerlines.


DSC X alarm module PCTC

Each station must be home-run to the interface module using shielded 22 gauge, 4-conductor wire. Sign up for newsletter today. Perimeter doors and windows are typically protected using hardwire contactsand motion detectors provide interior protection.

I would try to run a new wire from the panel to the location of the AC remember they have to be within 25′ of the glass 3.

Each partition in the system can be armed and disarmed independently from the others. The module is typically used for fire applications and is only available in Canada.

PC5580TC – DSC ESCORT Voice Module

Audio Interface Module PC works with power and c. You will not hear the voice prompts for any option that is not activated on your system. This receiver module, which can be placed anywhere on the system, will receive signals from up to 32 wireless sensors.

Customized Commands, Access codes.