DECRETO 4369 DE 2006 PDF

Trabajo Asociado, Decreto Número de , as published in Diario Oficial no. 46, .. See also Decreto de , Article Check out my latest presentation built on , where anyone can create & share professional presentations, websites and photo albums in minutes. Decreto , de 4 de Deciembre de (Ag Document). Added on: Thu, 10/ 03/ – Subscribe to Resources belonging to category “seasonal labour .

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Article 11 defines the inactive farmers. Special provisions for the suspension of certain provisions of Law No. Provisional Regulations on the dismissal of workers and employees who have violated rules of labour discipline in state-run enterprises, issued by the State Council. Section 63 stipulates that the right to join trade unions and any related rights shall be guaranteed for all public servants.

Evaluation of employees under fixed-term and open-ended contracts Article Article 4 amends 2nd phrase of article 9, by replacing paragraph a with new one, concerning the age of the obligatory termination of service of police members and by replacing the age limit, in paragraph bfrom 60 to 58 years old, and in the 2nd reservation of paragraph bfrom 59 to 58 years old. Unpredicted needs Article 6: Temporary personnel shall be hired under a short or a long term contract to cover seasonal or any urgent and unpredictable needs.

Article 5 amends article 27 concerning the dereto for touristic shops.

Resources belonging to category “seasonal labour”

Establishes the Council in order to promote safer and healthier working conditions and to encourage and facilitate co-operation and communication between the Government, employers, employees and relevant professional and academic bodies. Article 3 introduces special provisions for the suspension of application of several provisions of the Law and for the temporary insertion of other provisions for the filling of vacancies that are to be exempted from the suspension of filling.


Ordinary officers and policemen under the age of forty serving in special forces at the date of entry into force of this Act shall have the right to be candidates for registration or appointment to the Force.

Competences and duties of police members Chapter V: Articles 2 and 3 of the present Law amend the phrasing of article 26, phrases 2 and 3 and article 35B, phrase 11, respectively, of the Law on Public Educational Service.

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Daily working time shall not exceed 9 hours but can be extended to 10 hours twice a week. This act increases the retirement pension of civil servants who retired before January 1, Article 3 amends decrwto 21 by deleting the reservation included in subparagraph iii of paragraph f’. Article 3 lays down the freedom of expression of political convictions.

Article 9 specifies the mandatory retirement age.

Provides measures for the retirement pension and retirement benefit for professors and associate professors as well as the age of retirement and of granting the retirement pension 62nd yearand the bonus.

Article 5 fixes the amount of the periodical contributions.

Article 5 regulates the calculation of compensation and other fringe benefits assessed on the basis of the pay scale or the permanent salaries. Concerns 206 of legal bodies of public law appointed on or after 3 September and who completed their military service in the Cypriot or in the British Army from 3 September to 15 August Se estructura de la siguiente manera: Article 3 defines the purpose and the scope of application of the present Law.

Procedure of drafting a list of fixed term workers Article 5: Determines the criteria, conditions of candidature, eventual objections, conditions of written examination and procedures of selection. Article 8 amends the wording of the 2nd phrase of article Article 6 amends article 11, by amending the 1st phrase with regard to the reference to the pertinent Indexes of the Law, according to the age limit of the obligatory termination of service; by supplementing the 4th decretto, to include the employee who voluntarily relinquishes early or retires from the service, and by deleting phrases 2 and 3.


Amendments, inter alia, to definitions and replacement of Third Schedule.

Article 15, determines the present Law’s date of entry into force as of the 1st January Stipulates that all issues concerning the remuneration of public and civil servants should be considered through the provisions of the laws on Public Services as well as the provisions of the laws amending or substituting these laws.

The Commitee of the Public Service can allow a public servant, policeman superior to a sergeant or military officer to be discharged 5 years before the age limit or any time later than this. Article 4 introduces the following new articles: Article 6 decides upon the amount resulting from the reduction in emoluments and pensions effected within the Public Service and the broader Public Sector.

Article 15 introduces the issuance of Decrees by the Ministry.

Resources belonging to category “actividades económicas”

Article 4 sets out the purpose of the maintenance of the Registry. Article 2 of the present Law provides for the definition of the following terms: Seleccionar por Ascending Date of adoption Date of entry force Date of publication Country Subject Descending Date of adoption Date of entry force Date of publication Country Subject results 50 per page per page per page. Article 5 amends article 28C by replacing the side-heading with new one, worded as follows: Prohibition of termination of employment due to surplus Article Article 14 introduces the issuance of Regulations by the Governmental Council.

Law no 41 I of 5 May concerning travel and tourist agencies, the profession of the tourist guide and other relevant matters. Tiene la siguiente estructura: