This sexy but lackluster fantasy novel kicks off the Daughters of the Moon series by Lynne Ewing, Author, Alessandra Balzer, Editor Volo $ (p) ISBN. The Daughters of the Moon book series by Lynne Ewing includes books Goddess of the Night, Into the Cold Fire, Night Shade (Daughters of the Moon, Book 3). The Daughters of the Moon Series () [Lynn Ewing] on *FREE* Back. Goddess of the Night (Daughters of the Moon 1) ยท Lynne Ewing.

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The same words in the same order retelling events gets tiresome. She is Mexican and holds the power of premonition, seeing into the future.

Jimena used to be an incredibly tough hood rat with a gang from her neighborhood, Ninth Street, or el Nueve, until she learned of her destiny. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Not really tbe how to review this one. A girl with the powers of telekinesis who can also use that power to go into other dimensions, she first shows up in The Lost One Book 6 and in The Becoming Book On her last day as a Daughter, she was given the Medusa stone to protect her from enchantment and evil spirits.

The Prophecy I’d absolutely recommend these books to young teens and even to the older folks if you can get past the plain writing and excessive descriptions. Shelve Into the Cold Fire.


These books get 3 stars because of the myths behind them. They seldom see the rhythms in their own lives, how dark phases come before new beginnings.

Daughters of the Moon, Volume 1 by Lynne Ewing

thr I love the inclusion of romance in each story, and the characters are nicely complex. She’s later revealed to have been possessed by Aura, and is finally released from this possession after Serena fends off the Infidi those loyal to Lambert and Aura.

Her mother gave her moon dew so that Tianna would have a soul and become as human as possible. Jan 02, Mary Lee rated it really liked it.

Most of the emphasis was on their bodies. It is about four fictional girls, later five, who are mortal goddesses and fight an ancient evil called The Atrox. It is later revealed that he is a servus moln, a slave in Nefandus. Each one has a specific talent not shared by the others. Return to Book Page.

Daughters of the Moon – Wikipedia

If that was the point, to embrace femininity, and use it as a weapon she did an awful job. Can the four of them fight it even when they’re love’s in the game?

Luckily, I am an honest person and would never do such a thing. Much to Vanessa’s chagrin, Catty often uses it in public places and does not care about how her time hops affect people. Maggie was born in Athens, Greece as Penelope.

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Views Read Edit View history. She becomes a Daughter of the Moon after she helps Catty get out of Nefandus, the realm mooj the Atrox. When she stepped into the cold fire to receive immortality, the flames destroyed her flesh and bones, reducing her to a wind spirit. Plus, Stanton is kind of my fantasy guy. Also, their personalities vary from each other and create and exiting mix.

My main problem, now, is that I’m torn. The different powers the characters had were interesting.

Daughters of the Moon Series

His father, a prince, was hunting the Atrox, leaving Stanton at home. Zeus punishes her but her love for the mortal is too There was the first three books of this series in this one book. What I love the most however, is the nods to classical mythology and how they end up playing out in each story. Daughters of the Moon She lives in Daugghters Angeles and Washington D.