by Christian Prigent. Our price: $ Unavailable Les Coulisses De La Grande Distribution (French Edition). by Christian Jacquiau. Our price: $ Jacquiau, Christian, Les coulisses de la grande distribution, Albin Michel, Jetin, Bruno and Yannick Lung, ‘Un ré-examen de la relation entre variété et. Les Coulisses de la grande distribution (Documents Societe t. ) (French Edition. Les Coulisses de la grande distribution Christian Jacquiau.

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An urban bioregion could be described as a municipality of municipalities, a ‘town of towns’ or even a ‘town of villages’, or in other words an ecopolis, meaning a polycentric or multipolar network Magnaghi The suggestion that we should ‘build schools, health centres, systems that provide water that is fit to drink, and get back to self-sufficiency in food’ Harribey reflects good intentions on the part of our friends in the anti-globalization movement, but it also reflects the usual ethnocentrism of development.

Byit will in all prob- ability be reduced to 0. With prices like that, civil aviation would come to a halt and there would probably not be many cars on the road. Reducing the Population Can’t the equation of ecological sustainability be solved by reducing the size of the denominator until we get back to the right footprint? In the best of cases, govern- ments that wish to swim against the tide can do no more than decelerate, slow down and soften processes that are beyond their control.

What matters is the existence of a collective project rooted in a territory, defined as a place for communal living that must be protected and cared for the good of a!!. This utopia is an intellectual construct that functions on an ideal basis, but it is also concrete in the sense that it takes as its starting point elements that already exist and changes that can be implemented.

We buy our cars, our houses, our refrigerators, our overcoats and our shoes on credit. The annual literary festival is a vibrant symbol of its new vivacity.


EUR-Lex Access to European Union law

There are two interdependent sides to the local de-growth project: In France, opposition to the grands projets, coal-fired power stations, the Iter International Thermo- nuclear Experimental Reactor project and big infrastruc- turai transport projects is less coordinated and less developed because of French centralization and the power of the administration, but it is beginning to spread.

Local collectives from North Carolina to Chalon-sur-Sane are showing the way els are implementing plans to fight climate change.

The constraints are elastic. Read [ Integrated Pest Management: Skip to main content.

Farewell to Growth – Serge Latouche

Europe’s large retail companies are actively involved in conquering the global market. That is already happening with packaged meat.

Although its annual growth rate was rapid – it doubled in size every year – no one was worried.

They cannot bypass the large retail sector if they wish to sell their products and, for this very reason, they continue to sign sales contracts so long as such cooperation provides at least a minimal profit margin. This affects how the distribution of wealth and access to the natural patrimony are distributed between North and South and, within each society, between classes, generations and individuals.

An advertising campaign has been launched to persuade every family to buy two cars: A few months later, he was assassinated because he had implemented a policy that was much less subver- sive than that outlined here.

The second form of abusive practice involves large retailers passing on the cost of their business risk to their suppliers, which in practice means making retrospective changes to the agreed price based on how well the product in question sold to the customer.

: Grande distribution: Livres

In reality, the abusive practices employed by the various large multiple retailers are practically identical; it is therefore impossible to determine whether it is more profitable to cooperate with one supermarket chain over another. They involve a voluntary commitment to refrain from using the practices in question. They operated without taking any responsibility for their actions jacqquiau were not controlled by any parliament or by any agency that represented the general interest.


A Concrete Utopia 57 For over forty years, a small anti- or post-developmen- taust ‘internationale’ has been cpulisses and denouncing the harmful effect of development in Africa, from Boum- dienne’s Algeria to Nyerere’s Kenya see Sachs Three ingredients are necessary if the consumer society is to go on with the merry dance that is taking it to hell: Large retailers have also had quite an important social impact, as the way in which they operate has shattered a number of taboos.

It therefore reduces lz the consumption of fossil energy and CO2 emissions.

You do not have to travel to allow the imagination to take wing. These do not preclude other public health measures, such as the intro- duction of a minimum wage, which has been proposed by MAUSS, or Jean-Paul Berlan’s suggestion that all patents should simply be done away with.

The consumerist bulimia of those who are addicted to supermarkets and department stores is no different from the workaholism of managers, whose addic- tion is further stimulated, if need be, by over-consumption chrisstian anti-depressants and, according to British studies, the use of cocaine by senior managers who want to be ‘up to it’.

The important point is that a radical change of direction is needed. The pleasure of leisure and the ethos of play should replace the obsession with work. Growth is now a profitable business only if the costs are borne by nature, future generations, consumers’ health, wage-earners’ working conditions and, above all, the countries of the South.

We are being attacked from all sides and there is no let-up. Paulo Davim PDF.

And what are we going to eat tonight? They were supposed to be achieved in The extent of abusive practice is currently such that it is damaging to the public interest in general and to the economic interests of the Member States in particular.