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This BS article has very limited content, and this standard has now been superseded by ISO/IEC/IEEE – so what little is here, is obsolete anyway . BS – 2. Standard for Software Component Testing. Working Draft Date: 28 April produced by the. British Computer Society Specialist Interest. This paper covers both the development of BS and compliance with the finished standard. The process used to produce BS is described by.

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Each effect is expressed as a Boolean expression representing an outcome, or a combination of outcomes, for the component having occurred.

This Standard describes attributes of the test process that indicate the quality of the testing performed. All standards are subject to revision, and parties to agreements based on the Standard are encouraged to gs the possibility of applying the most recent edition of the standard listed below.

The Test Management Guide – BS Standard for Software Component Testing

Essai des composants du logiciel Title in German Software Pruefung. A partition’s boundaries are normally defined by the values of the boundaries between partitions, however where partitions are disjoint the minimum and maximum values in the range which makes up the partition are used. Equivalence partitioning uses a model of the component that partitions the input and output values of the component. In each coverage calculation, a number of coverage items may be infeasible.


BS 7925-2:1998

Each test case shall include: Branch Condition Combination Testing requires a model of the source code which identifies decisions and the individual Boolean 7952-2 within the decision conditions. This Standard addresses dynamic execution and analysis of the results of execution.

This shall include a description of the hardware and software environment in which all component the tests ns be run. Test cases shall be chosen randomly from the input domain of the component according to the input distribution.

BS – Software testing. Software component testing

Test cases with valid syntax shall be designed to execute options which are derived from rules which shall include those that follow, although additional rules may also be applied where appropriate: This measure is defined with respect to the traversal of the set of subpaths from each variable definition to every p-use of that definition.

Events will be caused by inputs to the component, and actions in the state transition model may cause outputs from the component. The input distribution used for the test case suite shall also be recorded.

No coverage measure is defined for random testing. A coverage item is defined to be infeasible if it can be demonstrated to be not executable. Test cases with invalid syntax shall be designed as follows: The actual outcome shall be recorded.

These input and output values are derived from the specification of the component’s behaviour.


Test cases are designed to exercise valid boundary values, and invalid input boundary values. For each expected transition within a test case, the following shall be specified: This Standard defines test case design techniques and test measurement techniques.

Talk:BS 7925-2

Test cases shall be designed to demonstrate that Boolean operands within a decision condition can independently affect the outcome of the decision. Modified Condition Decision Coverage 4. Test cases may also be designed to test that unspecified transitions cannot be induced.

On the determination of an appropriate time for ending the software testing process. The definition of test case design techniques and measures provides for common understanding in both the specification and comparison of software testing. Take the smart route to manage medical device compliance. The boundaries of both valid and invalid partitions are considered.

Find Similar Items This product falls into the following categories. Branch Condition Combination Coverage uses a model of the component described in clause 3. Test cases shall be designed to exercise rules, which define the relationship between the component’s inputs and outputs, where each rule corresponds to a unique possible combination of inputs to the component that have been expressed as Booleans.

The model shall comprise states, transitions, events, actions and their relationships.