Help. This page covers some basic topics concerning the online Dictionary. About · Guestbook · Contact · Help. æ. þ. Advanced Search. Results 1 – 20 of A. It is not necessary to speak of the form of what are often called Anglo-Saxon letters, as all Teutonic, Celtic, and Latin manuscripts of the.

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Quoted by book and chapter, and by page and line.

Edited with other short poems from the MS. The diacritical marks acute signs or macrons indicating vowel length are ignored in the search. Walfisch, in Codex Exoniensis, p. A glossary of words pertaining to the dialect of Mid-Yorkshire, by C. How to Cite You can cite the entries of the online version of the dictionary, or you can cite the scanned pages of the original paper editions.

Quoted as in the preceding. Law of the Northumbrian Priests.

The poem of Judith printed at the end of Thw. Kemble and completed by Mr.

Tiller work was published by Fox, the Martyrologist. Norman, 2nd edition, London, Anecdota Literaria, edited by Thomas Wright, London, Stevenson, Master of the Rolls Series, The Shrine; a collection of occasional papers boswort dry subjects, by Cockayne.


This file was created in part for use in automated corrections; for example, it has already been used to correct around 17, commas to periods after abbreviations.

Laws of King Edward. The Anglo-Saxon Chronicle, according to the several original authorities.

‘líc-bysig’ – Bosworth–Toller Anglo-Saxon Dictionary

Sir Beves of Hamtune, edited by E. The Anglo-Saxon version of the Metres of Boethius, at the end of the previous work. Hargrove, New York, Die gesetze der Angelsachsen, herausgegeben von Reinh.

Laws of King Edward the Confessor. The data were structurally re-tagged.

Bosworth and Toller

The original BT practice was to mark length with acute accents slanted lines – to distinguish it from macron – horizontal lines boosworth as used in the Latin translations and in diphthongs to mark the second vowel. An Early English Psalter, edited by J. The Liflade of St. Arthour and Merlin, a Metrical Romance edited by W.

Bosworth and Toller

Tollwr and Minor Poems, London, Guthlac, from Codex Exoniensis, p. Elene, from the Codex Vercellensis. An interlinear version of the Athanasian Creed,folios ab of the MS. The Blickling Homilies, edited by R. I have added fields for the literal spellouts of the abbreviations; for example, if the abbreviation is listed as “Rel[iq]. Reden der Seelen, in the Codex Exoniensis, p.


The edition of Orosius by Havercamp, Leyden, There are four files all together: This is due partly boswortb modifications of Dr. Etymologicum Teutonicae linguae, sive dictionarium Teutonico-Latinum, studio et opera Corn. Teutonic Mythology, by Jacob Grimm, translated from the fourth edition by J. This homily is printed in Homl. Matthew, in Anglo-Saxon and Northumbrian versions, edited by Kemble, v.

Check out the original GLP webpage and the old Bosworth-Toller offline application webpage to be updated. Leechdoms, Wortcunning, and Starcraft of early England, edited by O.

Quoted at first by folio, and by page and line, later by page and line. Edidit Owen Manning, London, Panther, in the Codex Exoniensis, p. On the entry page, previous and following entries in the order of the paper dictionary can be reached by “Previous Entry” and “Next Entry” links.