Fantasy Safari: Bestiary of the Hyborian Age, Part 1. I love monster books. To me they are clearly the greatest thing about RPGs. Most of the. Creeping forth from the shadowed tombs and haunted forests of the Hyborian Age come creatures previously unseen by man, exotic animals from the far corners. Bestiary of the Hyborian Age is part of the 2nd Edition of Mongoose’s Conan the Roleplaying Game. It is basically the Monster Manual for a.

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In the dark city of Khemi, giant serpents freely slither through the streets, devouring any random person they wish. Skip to main content. An item that has been previously used.

Before a fight, they use a kind of subconscious telepathy to demoralize their enemies. On the first look, the Black Spawn of Jullah are just another type of large demon that look like large black apes with fur that seems to be permanently soaked in blood.

Giant spider — Frighteningly large arachnids, giant spiders are not out of place in the Hyborian Age. The bones of lesser men crunch underfoot; it is time to earn your place in legend. Will usually dispatch within 2 working days of receiving cleared payment – opens in a new window or tab.

Saber-toothed Tiger — The deep ancient forests of the Pictish Wilderness have existed for untold ages, its mysteries hidden from the ken of bestiart and untouched by time itself. However, the hydragon is no natural creature but the creation of an ancient curse.


I love monster books.

In time, many of Yag-Kosha’s people died, and eventually he was all that was left of the refugees of Yag. Watch list is full. They are not particularly powerful, but very stealthy, which makes them good assassins, and also have byborian great talent for sorcery, and many are spellcasters who can be summoned to learn rare and exotic spells from them.

To me they are clearly the greatest thing about RPGs. A victim could be fed upon for years, helpless in Yothga’s vines while the alien plant fed on their very mind and reducing them to a placid and dumb state.

Bestiary | Conan Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

A list of all the fell beasts that have appeared in the Conan series. Despite their somewhat short height, their limbs exceed the strength of most humans. It has been your support, financial and otherwise, that has allowed this site to become what it is today.

Report item – opens in a new window or tab. It is well known that Pictland is teeming with all manner of panthers, wolves, bears, and serpents, but not even the most insane nightmares can ever conceive of the beings that lurk in the deep wilds and remember the name of Jhebbal Sag.

But as great and majestic as the old race was, so hard did they fall into the darkest depths of savagery and depravity. Terms and conditions of the sale. No Web Links Found.


Bestiary of the Hyborian Age

The “elephant-beings” taught powerful magic to the humans that came to them, but only that which they deemed as safe for their followers. Worst of all, any creature hit by a foaming blasphemy suffers the same curse and has to have impressive willpower to keep its own form stable.

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Back to home page Return to top. International postage paid to Pitney Bowes Inc. The Kobold Guide to Worldbuilding. I think I want to use these ones in my campaign. The rest of the time they appear to be statues made of solid iron. La Grotta di Merlino Due. The Aquilonian youth, Balthus, a prisoner of the Picts, bears witness to the nightmarish power of the Saber-tooth in Beyond the Black River.

Conan: Bestiary of the Hyborian Age

This page does not exist. They hyboriah the forests on the borders of Argos and Zingarapreying on any unlucky traveler they come across. They inhabit the shores of the Vilayet Seaand are well-known for both their incredible strength and their ferocity.