The title more or less says it all, but for some background, the Badab War has some of my favorite chapters involved in it – like the. Explore Braden Wrightstone’s board “Badab war” on Pinterest. | See more ideas about Space marine, Warhammer 30k and Space wolves. Inside this book are full histories and dispositions of the nine Space Marine Chapters who played the most significant part in the Badab War’s early stages.

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If anyone one is severely weakened then they fall. The Marines Errant split their forces in an effort to guard the convoys in transit from the increasingly frequent Secessionist raids and attacks.

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As the Orks swarmed the decks of the Fire Angels’ vessel, the Mantis Warriors fell in ambush upon the badly mauled Ork forces from their flank and annihilated them. Culln knew he simply could not afford to allow a general of Lufgt Huron’s calibre too long to rebuild, plan and prepare.

They were withdrawn one-by-one from the conflict in managed stages as part of a major Imperium-wide strategic redeployment along with a number of warships of the Segmentum Solar reserve forces which had been deployed in support of the Loyalist cause. Despite the intervention of the Mantis Warriors Space Marine Chapterwhich itself had made a home in the nearby Endymion Cluster Sub-sector, the death toll rose exponentially into the millions.

Using their Thunderhawks to punch a gap in the enemy’s firing lines, the gunships disgorged assault Terminators and Devastator squads directly into the smoking wreckage. An Astral Claws Apothecary was captured and interrogated, revealing precious secrets. After the system fell under Loyalist control it became the primary Imperial base in the Maelstrom Zone, affording the Loyalist offensive greater access to the primary stable Warp routes into the region while denying those routes to the enemy.

If you want to talk politics, go to one of the existing 50 million subs where you can already do this. The majority of their fleet was left ruined or drifting in the void. Once there, the Minotaurs laid bloody siege for 17 standard hours of brutal ship-to-ship fighting. M41 Massacre at Sanctuary The Astral Claws fought the Fire Hawks back to the edge of the Golgothan Wastes, focusing all their attentions on eliminating the Chapter altogether. In the confusion and destruction that followed, the Angstrom Mechanicus, incensed by the outbreak of hostilities within their domain, assaulted both sides and drove them away from the system, granting the Loyalists a major strategic victory, but did however stir the notoriously bellicose Mechanicus of Angstrom into taking a greater interest in the war.

Your ad here, right now: You go to a website, plug in your credit card number or your PayPal info and it shows up at your door step. These attackers assaulted the asteroid base before either Loyalist or Secessionist vessels could respond, raking the way-station with a devastating salvo of weapons fire before boarding with a raiding party comprised of heretics, mutants and other renegades. The Red Scorpions invaded the Caelian industrial hive with the specific goal of inflicting mass casualties on the human defenders and picking off their Astral Claws masters when they were found within their ranks.


Legatine investigations carried out at Sidon Ultra, capital of the Karthago Sector, confirmed these suspicions.

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During this period the Loyalist and Secessionist forces entered a period of escalating engagements. By a twist of fate, bsdab damage sustained in this battle caused the Star Jackal and its brilliant commander to fall behind in the Marines Errant’s pursuit of the Mantis Warriors to the world of Bellerophon’s Fall.

In the northern-central Maelstrom Zone, the battle for Galen between the Astral Claws and a joint force of Salamanders and Fire Angels eventually resulted in the Loyalists successfully taking the system. In addition, Lufgt Huron was the lawful master of a realm permanently on a war footing; a bulwark against the xenos and Chaos, and on the most basic level badav to defend those domains.

And three other chapters were honour-bound to fight with him. Though the Executioners were loyal, they owed the Astral Claws a favor for saving their asses a few years ago. Ortys’s death merely served to seal the assassination in a shroud of doubt for friend and foe alike. Then for some reason some Chaos dudes jumped out of the huge warp-rift everyone forgot to defend, and exploded the Chapter Masters of the Red Scorpions and Mantis Warriors.

M41, in which the Astral Claws and their allies conducted a series of major combat operations, striking deep into the heart of the Maelstrom in an attempt to take the battle to the foe. However, the sudden surge of loyalist Astartes into the sector, as well as the return to active duty of the cleared Fire Hawks and Marines Errant, meant that despite their losses, the loyalists had secured a stalemate in the war for the Maelstrom Zone.

The Karthagans were outraged at this, and at the laggardly speed at which the Adeptus Terra seemed to be moving to investigate the matter. Gargathea remained a contested world of vital strategic importance due to the planet being one of the few life-sustaining worlds in the region.

The horde only rallied when their taskmasters took to the field behind them, the blood-stained and steel-coloured power armour of Astral Claws.

The Raptors covertly landed a strong force of battle-brothers in field-modified armour over three hundred kilometres away from their chosen target. M41, was one of the most insidious and dangerous internecine conflicts to wrack the Imperium of Man in recent history, made all the more lamentable hadab the unthinkable had occurred.

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The Fire Hawks refused to surrender themselves wr the Mantis Warriors’ authority and a fierce firefight broke out, resulting in defeat for the Fire Hawks.

Overall the Loyalist forces had suffered considerable losses since the start of the war, and the contingents of many of the Space Marine Chapters which had previously fought for the Loyalist cause had now departed. The Minotaurs had come in answer to the direct summons from the acting Legate Inquisitor for more Space Marines to join the Loyalist cause against the Secessionist Chapters.


Evidence was quickly amassed of an unforeseen and terrible heresy that had been pursued by the Baab Claws and Lufgt Huron for more than a century. Inquisitorial interrogation of an Astral Claws Apothecary captured during the battle for Surngraad’s polar fortress revealed to the general shock of the interrogators that the prisoner was not in fact an Astral Claw by origin at all, but was in fact a former member of the Tiger Clawsa Chapter badaab thought lost. In the aftermath of this tragedy, it would also fall to Narvaez to take the reins of leadership as the Marines Errant Chapter’s last surviving senior officer in the war.

From this point onwards, the Secessionists greatly reduced in fighting strength and shipswere effectively hemmed in around a handful of heavily defended star clusters, and relegated to conducting scattered raiding operation and fighting a series of close defensive sieges. Thus the Badab War truly began. The Executioners sent their mighty warship Night Hag with a full augmented company of Astartes to aid the Secessionists. The volatile and bellicose nature of the Fire Hawks Chapter was widely known, and it is likely that this also figured in the Karthan Satrap’s reasoning in making her request.

Alongside the green livery of the emerald-armoured spectres of death was the crimson colours of the Inquisition’s Chimeras and Repressors. The remaining 37 surviving Fire Angels were marooned on Sigard VI under the care of their surviving Apothecary and wqr med-servitors, while their battered vessel was taken by the Mantis Warriors as their prize.

Led by an armoured spearhead of Land Raiders and Siege Dreadnoughts the Astral Claws were pinned in place by the Minotaurs’ second attack line. The attack was repulsed without major damage to the half-finished base and anchorage as the concentrated firepower of both the Raptorus Rex and the Red Scorpions Battle Barge Sword of Ordon proved a decisive factor. From their vehicle’s hailers the Inquisition demanded the immediate surrender of all of Galen VI’s population for immediate judgement.

The local trade lords attempted to send fleets badan he was fucking over the economy with his blockades, but they vanished. With the weight of suffering and bloodshed elsewhere, the tangle of claim and counter claim fell on deaf ears. The barbarous Executioners Chapter continued to prove to be the scourge of Loyalist patrols and supply convoys, as well as destroying numerous outposts and listening stations.