Astral Buoyancy – Aquavest – L/XL – M. Astral CG Approve PFD for Sailing, Paddling, Rowing – Never Used. Astral; Size: ADULT M/L: CHEST 38″”. [color=#FF]Why have they stopped making this jacket? Just wondering if anyone knows the reason. Mine is getting a bit long in the tooth. a little belay loop under the front pouch which is not agood idea to use. I have one and probably should just cut it off. otherwise it’s a great vest.

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Good side impact protection built in, spinal protection good where the vest covers but it doesn’t cover very high up the spine – a protection trade-off to mobility. Right, not much different except price wise.

Haavard Offline Grom Boarder. Please consider registering Guest. What is the HZ Aqauvest that you are talking about?

Buoyancy Aquavest 300 PFD

A while back, Bridog wrote a good reivew of the various rescue vests — you can chec it out here: There is no longer a pocket on the sleeve. Will do — I should know something this week. Every thing that is sold here Am I missing something? Pull-over design is very secure and allows for the large main pocket and doesn’t require re-threading the rescue harness every time you don the vest. About Advertise Legal Privacy Contact. Our height and weight when choosing a aqiavest.

I did track down a way to buy them from the rep.

I am in the market for a rescue vest …like the Aquavests shims in side protect rib cage from breaks and good spinal coverage and dig the rescue vest from Hydraulics http: Great mobility and comfort. Profile My Account Create Account. I understand it was designed for vertical use rappelling, belaying and it is to be worn like a climbing harness. You can see pics of the Hf Serpent here: Thanks for the info and the link.


I have a chest around 32″ish last time I measured, and a waist around 30″ or so.

I have paddled with a good amount of people, and most seem to have the or GJ. And thats a lot of money in Euros. However, the green jacket is better on every other aspect imo.

Rob, Are you offering a discount on your R for a correct guess where the picture was taken of the Aquavest set up in belay mode… upper Otter in Roxbury, NH along route 9. My Astral was new at the beginning of the season. Powered by Kunena Forum.

The Global Paddling Community

I have a palm fusion xstral budget for more and it gets a bit loose on my shoulders. Every time you put on the Aquavest you have to tighten four separate straps and every time you take it off you have to loosen these four straps. Have a product you’d like to review? Well, I won’t be buying yet. Travel Maps Trip Planning Photography.

That Ronin looks pretty sweet too. Even the Extrasport Pro Creeker too.

Rob, Keep me in mind when you go to sell your R I like the fit and really appreciate the cow-tail holder, and the QR harness. I have paddled the jacket about 10 times now and find it very comfortable. The plastic is necessary to the smooth adjustment of the jacket’s size but you would have to be pretty lucky to have it protect your ribs. All of the reviews are created and written by paddlers like you, so be sure to submit your own review and be part of the community! Wonder what size I’d go for The Green Jacket is way better imo, as far as foam distribution.


It is a front entry and wraparound side protection. Overall, the jacket is well constructed and comfortable if cumbersome to get in and out of. Check out a few other pfd recommendations below or explore all pfds to find the perfect one for you! Stohlquist X-Tract-D problems with pocket durability and abrasion and the Kokotat Ronin Pro may be two other contenders. Handwarmer pocket comfy but unused by me – it’s always been warmer to tuck my hands under the vest next to my body – wish that the handwarmer pocket had side closures.

Astral Aqua-Vest w/extras

The shoulder straps are now reinforced webbing, so they won’t flex like on the Plan Trips from Outfitters Trips from the Community. Astrall zip-up vest is simpler. Does anyone knows if this problem will be fixed with Kokotat ronin pro?? I suppose the Green Jacket replaced it.

Yeah, use the quick release instead if you do need to clip in. It takes so much time and effort and money to get a new model in production and it had many fans like me it doesn’t make economical aquaest to have sacked it, not to me anyway.

Welcome Log Out Log In. The vest also claims to sport extra impact protection on the sides. It comes down to how each PFD feels on you, since everyone’s body is different. I got the reps number on and info.