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Identifying signs, symptoms, laboratory and imaging parameters for an early diagnosis. Repeated dose inhaled budesonide versus placebo in the treatment of croup. Results During the study period, children were evaluated in our service for abdominal pain. These scores help to structure the clinical evaluation, peditaria order to reach an accurate and early diagnosis. Effectiveness of oral or nebulized dexamethasone for children with mild croup.

Oral and inhaled steroids in croup: J Otolaryngol Head Neck Surg. NSW Kids and Families.

Laboratory parameters help rule out the diagnosis, but their specificity is low. Objective To evaluate the efficacy of abdominal ultrasonographyin the diagnosis of acute appendicitis in our hospital.

Cost and effectiveness of ultrasonography and limited computed tomography for diagnosing appendicitis in children.

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In some cases the copy and use may be abide by payment of economic rights that the publisher will manage in common with the authors, according to the publisher standards. Accuracy of ED sonography in the diagnosis of acute appendicitis. Suspected appendicitis in children: As for diagnostic tests, previous case series are consistent in showing low specificity for the laboratory parameters, although the absence of leukocytosis and neutrophilia makes the diagnosis of appendicitis improbable.


To evaluate the efficacy of abdominal ultrasonographyin the diagnosis of acute appendicitis in our hospital. The study did not exclude patients that were diagnosed in other centres and eventually transferred to our hospital for surgery.

Effectiveness of erythromycin estrolate, triple sulfonamide, ampicillin, erythromycin estolate- triple sulfonamide, and placebo in patients with acute otitis media under two and one-half years of age. Br J Gen Pract. We extracted data from the systematic reviews, reananalysed data of primary studies, conducted a meta-analysis and generated a summary of findings table using the GRADE approach.

What is the effectiveness of systemic corticosteroids in children with croup?. Open or laparoscopic appendectomy is the standard treatment of simple appendicitis. Longer term outcomes from a randomised trial of prescribing strategies in otitis media. Dexamethasone alpha-methyl, 9-alpha-fluoroprednisolone in obstructive respiratory tract infections in children.

The platelet counts were normal.

Ultrasonido abdominal pediátrico

When it came to the evolution of the disease, we collected the duration of symptoms from the reported day of onset to the day of diagnosis, as well as any visits to the hospital that occurred in this time interval. Steroid treatment of pseudo-croup.

The most common anatomical pathology findings were acute gangrenous appendicitis Abscess formation was associated with leukocytosis, fever, and the presence of faecalith. The primary outcome was discharge from hospital without appendectomy during the initial episode. The management of the manuscripts is left to the publisher as an exclusive competence. A comparison of nebulized budesonide, intramuscular dexamethasone, and placebo for moderately severe croup.


Steroid treatment of laryngotracheitis: Treatment of acute otitis media in children under 2 apendicitus of age.


The authors found a lower success rate En quienes se ofrezca manejo expectante en vez de antibioterapia es razonable considerar un recontrol precoz. Antibiotic prophylaxis in surgical procedures: For any question please send an email using the mail form that we offer. Ir J Med Sci. Treatment of acute otitis media: Atticulos Plus Estamos en: Any use of these manuscripts must recognize this authorship in an explicit manner.

Extended-interval aminoglycoside administration for children: We obtained the data from the medical records of patients with apendicitiis discharge diagnosis of acute appendicitis ICD K Severity of inflammation of tympanic membrane as predictor of clinical course of recurrent acute otitis media. In complicated appendicitis, the role of laparoscopic appendectomy has gained widespread acceptance in the last years pediatriz it depends on the surgeon’s training and experience.

Cochrane Database Syst Rev. Si continua navegando, consideramos que acepta su uso.

The rate of false negatives in perforated group was Sobre los desenlaces incluidos en este resumen. A double-blind study in children.

Resultados Pedjatria en nuestro servicio 4.