Title: “LA FELICIDAD” ALEJANDRO JODOROWSKY, Author: Plano Creativo, Name: “LA FELICIDAD” ALEJANDRO JODOROWSKY, Length: 12 pages, Page: 1. Alejandro Jodorowsky: “Demasiado encubre a poco” Frases de Alejandro Jodorowsky sobre el dinero | PLANO CREATIVO.

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Kind Regards And thank you very much for reading the blog and being interested. Every day I [draw] a picture and write, in Spanish, on the Internet. This page was last edited on 24 Decemberat At the moment, I am seeing a lot of old movies, silent movies, and I have discovered again the cinematography and the tricks that they are using because there are no words, just the beautiful images.

The Incal The Technopriests Metabarons. The Austin Chronicle spoke to Jodorowsky from his home in Paris about his circuitous career, the nature of his often puzzling art, and his future filmmaking plans. The Dance of Reality received positive reviews from critics. Psicomagia y psicochamanismo You’ve invested so much time over the course of your career in projects that fell apart or took very circuitous routes to finding an audience.

He usually reads every wednesday before. Picked up that sometimes it actually happens, does it? If someone offers you food, you take it, you eat it.

Alejandro Jodorowsky Explains The Tarot

His breakout film, ‘s visually kaleidoscopic, narratively ambitious El Topoinverted and eviscerated the dying spaghetti Western, taking a moribund genre and infusing it with a mystical madness and spiritual longing that Sergio Leone and his followers had only hinted at. Irritated by his wife’s delusional views of their son and angered by Alejandro’s behavior, which he views as cowardly and effeminate, Jaime cuts off Alejandro’s hair which is depicted as wig in alejndro appears to be magic realismdemands he repudiate the existence of God, and puts him through tests of self-control and bravery which include withstanding being tickled, slapped, and finally undergoing a jodorrowsky operation without anesthetic.


Use mdy dates from July Articles containing Spanish-language text All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from August In January alejabdro, Jodorowsky’s son Brontis, a co-star of the film, stated that the film was in post-production and would be finished by March, saying the film is “very different from the other films that he made”. Some people call it the philosopher’s stone; religion calls it god; the more elemental person calls it love; the political person calls it liberty.

Rebels free Jaime alejwndro return him to his family in Tocopilla.

I am always trying to make a picture. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.


Does your ever-expanding influence surprise you? It was an extension of my soul. In an attempt to prove his own bravery to the other firefighters, who he fears look down on him because of his son’s cowardice and his Jewish heritage, Jaime attempts to distribute water to plague victims quarantined outside the town, but they kill and eat his donkeys and he himself aleandro infected.

Then, I could not raise money after that point. Myself, I am working intensely with the Internet. Thanks a lot, Lina. Maybe the extraterrestrials took them to another planet, maybe they were taken by the Mafia, I don’t know. Views Read Edit View alejanndro. One, to be yourself, what you are, not what the other person wants you to be. Also you can ask Marianne costa through here: Happiness is the end of competition, the end of comparing yourself to the other.


Lpano you like to get a Tarot reading by Jodorowsky?

The Dance of Reality – Wikipedia

Is there possibly another one? Now I am interested in Murnau. You can write to Carmen or Paco, the creators of Plano Creativo in order to know a way to contact with Alejandro or to know if he will return to Cafe le Temerarie. The politics, the world, the crisis. It is the new way, not like television, not like theatrical movies, not in theatre. Satisfied with his son’s bravery, Jaime acknowledges that he respects Alejandro and arranges for him to be made the mascot of the Tocopilla fire brigade.

Until the end of my life I will do that. That takes two things, to be happy.

But it was Santa Sangrehis masterpiece of oedipal desire and blood-drenched disfigurement within and without a freakish, Fellini-esque cirque perduthat won him the allegiance of a whole new creatibo of cult film fanatics who recognized it for what it was: Thanks to the Internet and the digital revolution, essentially anyone with the inclination can make a movie today and get it seen, jodorowskj if the world of traditional distribution is falling apart —.

The rock is then shown falling on the roof of a shack which Jaime is living in.