Al-Qushayris Epistle on Sufism Abu M-Qasim al-Qushayri Al-Risala al- qushayriyya ffiilm al-tasaxvwuf Translated by Professor Alexander D. Knysh Reviewed by. Already in , Arthur J. Arberry observed that al-Qushayri’s Risala draws heavily from the works of his predecessors Abui ‘Abd al-Rahman al-. Sulami (d. Download Citation on ResearchGate | On Sep 1, , K. Honerkamp and others published Al-Qushayri’s Epistle on Sufism (al-Risala al-qushayriyya fi lhringilm.

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It is also related that the object of his trip to Nishapur was to reduce the taxes on a village he owned. Muhammad Eissa, whose meticulous attention to detail deserves the highest praise. Nusayr al-Ta 3 i 29 Abu c Ali Shaqiq b. Thousands al-rislaa men have traversed great distances, yet no one remembers them, while that Moses made [only] a few steps and [schoolchildren will be reciting until the Day of Judgment: Al-riszla part of this book may be reproduced in any form or by any electronic or mechanical means, including information storage and retrieval systems, without permission in writing from the publisher, except by a reviewer who may quote brief passages in a review.

They are recognized by Muslim al-qushayr as being early and important in their fields, as works whose importance is broadly recognized by international scholars, and as having had a genuinely significant impact on the development of human culture.

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Full text of “Qushayri Risala”

Translated by Professor Alexander D. Shuja’ al-Kirmani 52 Yusuf b. Dar Ibn Hazm Beirut.

Second, the ishara, only available to al-qushahri spiritual elite and lying beyond the obvious verbal meaning. Upon his return he began teaching Hadith, which is something he is famous for.

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Sahl al-Isbahani 54 Abu Muhammad Ahmad b. His teacher of hadith al-Sulami, of Asharite kalam al-Naysaburi; and also the respectable masters of his silsilah sufi chain he attached himself: This project aims at making available in English and other European languages a wide selection of works representative of Islamic civilization in all its diversity. What I have heard from they, who have taken the text from someone risalaa took the text from someone who took His Epistle is probably the most popular Sufi manual ever.

As a young man he received the education of a country squire of the time: The second section includes 83 biographies of earlier Sufi masters beginning with the semi-legendary figure of Ibrahim b. Book ratings by Goodreads. This region was widely known as a centre of Al-risalw civilization up al-qjshayri the 13th Century CE. This is an eloquent testimony to his dual credentials as both a Sufi and a conventional Sunni scholar jalim.


He has shown their innermost souls hidden things so that by the emanations of the unseen which He has imparted solely to them they can become aware of that which is concealed from all others. Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. Al-Qushayri’s Epistle on Sufism: Chairman, Arab Historians Union. Dar al-Yusur Madinah, Saudi. And obviously has a grand role to serve for the reconcilition of sufism and shariah like the works 13 Knysh, p. Abi 3 1-Hawari 39 Aal-risala Hafs ‘Umar b.

A Short History henceforth abbreviated as IMpp. May God Help Us! Muhammad al-Nahrajuri 64 Abu 3 1-Hasan ‘Ali b.

More From This Publisher. Shayban al-Qirmisini 66 Abu Bakr al-Husayn b.

Al-Qushayri’s Epistle on Sufism : Al-Risala Al-qushayriyya Fi ‘ilm Al-tasawwuf

Tahir al-Abhari 66 Abu 3 1-Husayn b. Fifth, square brackets [] serve to indicate my addition of words and phrases to the original Arabic text where I think they are implied, but not explicitly mentioned. His Epistle is probably the most popular Sufi manual ever.

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