View and Download Lincoln Town Car owner’s manual online. Lincoln Town Car Town Car Automobile pdf manual download. Also for: Manuals and operating instructions for this Lincoln vehicle. Get Lincoln Town Car PDF manuals and user guides, View all Lincoln Town Car manuals. Products 1 – 37 of 37 Ford Motor Company Lincoln Continental Owner’s Guide. Pages: Lincoln Town Car Automobile Owner’s Manual.

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Seating and safety restraints damage or improper operation is noted. To lower the shoulder belt height, push the button and slide the height control down. The low-maintenance battery normally does not require additional water during its life of service.

Remove the dipstick, wiping it clean with a clean, dry lint free rag. Page Maintenance and care many local automotive after market stores.

1998 Lincoln Town Car – Owner’s Manual (188 pages)

Read the following section on Warnings for a full explanation. Temporary malfunctions may cause your Service Engine Soon light to illuminate. Press the programmed HomeLink control in the vehicle until the training light on the garage door receiver turns solid seconds.

Speed sensitive steering The steering in your vehicle is speed sensitive. Blown fuses are identified by a broken wire within the fuse. Instrumentation Engine oil pressure Illuminates when the oil pressure falls below the normal range.

Page 26 Controls and features Flash to pass Pull toward you to activate and release to deactivate. For speed control to operate, the speed control must be ON lincopn the vehicle speed must be Controls and features Flash to ownefs Pull toward you to activate and release to deactivate.


Page 25 Controls and features Daytime running light Canadian vehicles lincolm The daytime running light system turns the headlamps on, with a reduced light output, when: Activate by pressing the transmission control switch on the end of the gearshift lever with the gearshift in the position. Seating and safety restraints the child closer to the center of the vehicle may help provide a good shoulder belt fit.

Shows various accessories for the.

Download Lincoln Town Car – Owner’s Manual PDF ( Pages)

Do not drive your vehicle until you verify that the brakelamps are working. Page 44 Controls and features 3. Instrumentation Instrumentation Panel dimmer switch pg. When completed, switch the ignition lnicoln OFF. Connecting the jumper cables 1. A must read manual that is written from hands-on experience based on a complete teardown of the vehicle.

Starting heater-defroster system to respond quickly. Ownsrs tighten the belt, pull the loose end of the belt through the tongue until it fits snugly across the hips. Start the engine of the vehicle with the discharged battery. Page Maintenance and care refer to Refill capacities in the Capacities and specifications chapter. Check to make sure the child seat is properly secured before each use. Ford motor company lincoln town car owner’s guide pages.

Safety belt warning light and indicator chime Toan seat belt warning light illuminates in the instrument cluster and a chime sounds to Controls and features display. Page 97 Driving shudder while toen, felt mainly in the steering wheel, the vehicle most likely needs service. Hold down both controls until the red light begins to flash slowly and then rapidly.

Page 89 Tether anchorage hardware kits part number D74 including instructions, may be obtained at no charge from any Ford or Lincoln-Mercury dealer.

  ASCO 8220G029 PDF

Page 31 Controls and features mode. Page Maintenance and care The traction grade assigned to this tire is based on braking straight ahead traction tests and does not include cornering turning traction.

Page 76 Seating and safety restraints damage or improper operation is noted.

From a personal concierge to remote vehicle controls, all in the palm of your hand.

Do not bleach or dye the belts, because these actions may weaken the belt webbing. Maintenance and care many local automotive after market stores.

Instrumentation Panel dimmer switch pg. Check the coolant level in the coolant recovery reservoir the next few times you drive the vehicle. If the original equipment battery needs replacing, it may be replaced with a low-maintenance battery.

Seating and safety restraints special needs of your child with your pediatrician. Skip to main content. The readings that you get may not agree with temperatures given on the radio due to differences in vehicle and station locations. Instrumentation Light is blinking: Page Roadside emergencies you have.

Town Car and Town Coupe. Press the SET control. Each disabled cylinder acts as an air pump and cools the engine. Page Roadside emergencies The high-current fuses are coded as follows. All transmitters must be programmed at the same time.

Page 93 Starting Make sure the corresponding lights illuminate briefly. Check the safety belt system periodically to make sure there are no nicks, wear or cuts. See Guarding against exhaust fumes in this chapter for more instructions.