Feb 21, Undicisettembre continues its effort to preserve the memories of the tragic events of 9/ .. Undicisettembre: How does 9/11 effect your everyday life? . 11/9 La cospirazione impossibile, a cura di Massimo Polidoro, scritto. Jun 9, 11 SETTEMBRE -WORLD TRADE CENTER -PENTAGONO – WASHINGTON (CAMPIDOGLIO/CASA BIANCA) DOVE? -Il Campidoglio. statunitense gli ha detto chiaramente che l’11 settembre è stato un auto- attentato. non può essere liquidato semplicemente come un “teorico della cospirazione”. “Osama bin Laden era decisamente morto, quindi è impossibile che.

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Since it was this very same FEMA which took charge of the “investigation” into the WTC collapse and is about to release a report claiming that the fires caused the collapse one might be forgiven for suspecting that their “investigation” has been something less than an unbiased attempt to discover the truth of what happened.

The ultimate instigators of this atrocity and of the larger drive to enslave, or perhaps exterminate, the entire population of the planet may actually not be human at all. Gli istruttori della scuola asserirono che Bernard dopo i tre voli non era ancora capace di pilotare un aereo da solo Questo non riguarda i democratici o i repubblicani.

The tactics it employed are completely transparent. After September 11th cospkrazione was uppermost in the minds of most Americans and few of them were inclined to look at what brought this catastrophe to their land.


11 SETTEMBRE by Luca Malachin on Prezi

And there are many more angry peoples who believe that Sttembre supports their tormentors. The Attorney General can strip any U. Chi ha nascosto delle informazioni cruciali. The Bill of Rights Lee Rodgers: Autore e co-autore di cinque libri di relazioni internazionali.


The Second Amendment doesn’t say you have the right to keep and bear arms until some madman plants a bomb. A person so designated whether or not a U.

Why did both of the Twin Towers collapse in the manner of a controlled demolition? Anyone who opposes the policies of the U. In August the negotiations broke down, after a U. Quasi tutte le But we should not blame only the leaders and official functionaries, corrupt and in same cases evil, though they may be.

Individua il Boeing in questa figura Ed ecco una cosa simpatica a destra. Come mai non ci sono state ripercussioni politiche? Come anche la storia, pubblicata su Newsweek, etc.

Da Wikipedia, l’enciclopedia libera. Silverstein was ecstatic at that time. Human beings can typically withstand up to about a PSI shock.

Episodi di CSI: NY (ottava stagione)

Who Profits from the Crime? Those who think that the description of the U. For most of their short history Americans have been adolescents. The situation may actually be much worse than this. Inoltre Mac torna al suo vecchio lavoro.

But one of them is the dominance in American society of corporate capitalism, which elevates shareholder profit above all other concerns, and which has created the social conditions where evil men can attain great power and influence, both within government and without. It is hated by multitudes of Muslims, because of what looks like its support for the Jewish domination of the Islamic holy shrines in Jerusalem. In such a case, it might be held, better to demolish one or both of the towers in a controlled manner so as to minimize death and destruction in the surrounding area.


Actually democracy itself, when implemented so that every adult however stupid is given a right to vote, is inherently flawed, since it inevitably becomes the tyranny of the majority. Abbiamo trovato dei responsabili, dopo Pearl Harbor.

Books by Paolo Attivissimo

The Fourth Amendment doesn’t say you have a right to be secure from search and seizure unless some FBI agent thinks you fit the profile of a terrorist. Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld are lying to the American people when they pretend to be outraged at the actions of the Iraqi dictator whom the U.

It would not be particularly difficult to engineer this possibility. And here’s a TV program it’s only on local cable in Massachusetts, but it shows what can be done: