Answer (1 of 1): You will be able to find the right codes for your b01 remote from this web site: Exciting news at the moment for remote . Advance Codes and Effective Function Codes (EFC) are interchangeable Note that the instruction sheet provided with the remote is wrong. How can I get the user manual for my cable remote control? Click your cable remote to open your user manual as file.

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The led will blink twice when there are no more codes to test. Make sure that the remote is pointed at your device during the search, You may have to TAP this sequences of buttons up to times to search the entire library of codes.

What Are Codes For b01 Remote? Make an internal copy of current settings such as device codes, keymoves, and macros. If the red light does not blink twice, stop and repeat steps. The command restores the settings. All Topics Technology Electronics Televisions. The button will have an 0156b01 that looks like a lightbulb. This reset function will erase keymoves, macros and learned signals, but it will NOT erase upgrades.

Navigation Main page Recent changes Random page. OnDemand allow the user to record several macros by repeating the above single macro procedure. Some categories have more than codes to test. Retrieved from ” http: Main DocumentIndex Contents.


The multimacro key can hold up to 5 macros. In manaul meantime, we have another wonder called Peel, and it has been created by former Apple engineers to work with iPhones, iPod Mnual and iPads. When programming individual buttons, whether by learning or by using advanced codes, if you TAP SETUP before selecting the button where the command will be assigned, the function will be stored on the shifted version of the button.

Manual Programming – 9xx Commands – JP1 Remotes

Peel is a combination of hardware and software that will not only be able to replace the multiple remote controls that we all seem to have scattered through our homes though we can never find the one that we wantbut will also enable us to sort out our channels so we never need to remember what number our favourite ones are. Main DocumentIndex. See also Modem Upgrade Procedure. Peel works by using a small infrared receiver, which renote makers call a Fruit, and it runs off a C-cell battery.

This page was last modified on 19 Septemberat We would be able to unlock our doors, adjust the thermostat and start the car with our phones right now, but the doors, thermostats and cars need to have the high tech and expensive components in them in order to respond to the remote, and at present they are few and far between.

Macro size varies with remotes. Each time you TAP it, the next macro runs.

What Are Codes For 1056b01 Remote?

On other backlit hard-button remotes, the button doesn’t exist or doesn’t work. This page has been accessed 64, times. This will erase amnual key moves, learned functions, device settings, etc.


Note that the instruction sheet provided with the remote is wrong. Support for Android phones is in the pipeline. Personal tools Log in.

Contents 1 Introduction 1. The interface is user friendly and uses photos and icons instead of boring text, and you will be able to use it with all of your entertainment systems such as DVD players and DVRs.

remote codes for b01 Questions & Answers (with Pictures) – Fixya

In that case a command might be available. If the remote is an upgradeable remote, and has codes added, this will delete those codes also. To test, TAP and release the device key in which the new feature was learned followed by the key on which the feature was learned. Views Read View source View history. Some some hard-button remotes have a button that will turn on off back lighting on the fly.

You will be able to find the right codes for your b01 remote from this web site: Shifted keys can be used for learned commands, commands programmed using advanced codes and for macros. Didn’t find the answer you were looking for?